Improve inspection and certification system to promote the upgrading of photovoltaic industry

Recently, by the Beijing Kam Heng certification center to strengthen product testing and certification work, improve the quality of photovoltaic industry development policy seminar held in Beijing. From the National Energy Bureau, national recognition of supervision committee, the National Development Bank about responsible person, and insurance companies, detection certification bodies and major domestic photovoltaic development manufacturing enterprises more than 100 representative to participate in the discussion. Seminars around the national certification Supervision Committee and the national energy board prior to the issuance of the photovoltaic products testing and certification work on strengthening the implementation of opinions "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), is photovoltaic power plant construction in the face of the quality of the products, construction quality, operation and maintenance of quality and the solution measures for the exchange, and improvement of the domestic photovoltaic products testing and certification system recommendations.

It is understood, the "opinions" put forward, to strengthen the photovoltaic products testing and certification work, connected to the public grid photovoltaic power generation projects in the future and enjoy at all levels of government subsidies of non grid independent photovoltaic power generation projects, to be used by the national recognition of Supervision Committee approved certification body certification photovoltaic products. Now stage photovoltaic products testing and certification of product range, including photovoltaic cell module, inverter, control equipment, bus equipment, storage equipment and independent photovoltaic system, according to the market demand and technological progress timely expansion of scope of product testing and certification. Construction units for equipment procurement tender, should be clear that the use of certified products. Major special projects of the national organization, new products, applications in special areas or special purpose applications of photovoltaic products, according to the need to propose specific certification requirements. Two ministries will according to the development of photovoltaic industry, product features and corresponding standards, technical norms formulation implemented step by step; to implement unified certification standards, technical specifications and procedures for assessment of conformity; according to the demand of the market, encourage carried out to adapt to different levels of quality and application environment of testing and certification services; to promote photovoltaic product testing and certification of international mutual recognition.

On the day of the seminar, the National Energy Bureau of new energy and renewable energy division deputy director liangzhipeng said that through the establishment of testing and certification system is perfect photovoltaic industry quality management system, and promote the effective way to enhance the overall industry quality management level. He suggested that one is in the photovoltaic industry to establish a product traceability system, so that end users understand the information of all upstream products. Two is the establishment of testing and certification data sharing platform, so that the relevant units for comparison and selection. Three is the future of products should be as diverse as possible to adapt to the use of different regions.

National certification and accreditation Certification Commission Ministry of Qiu Lei think, at present China's photovoltaic industry exist "made in China" products of varying quality, relevant product standard is not perfect, the photovoltaic products testing and certification of lack of unified planning, the degree of social cognition on the certification of the results is not high enough. "Opinion" for the inspection and certification of our country to make a long-term planning, can further enhance the effectiveness and credibility of the certification results, so as to achieve the overall level of photovoltaic products.

As China's earliest development of photovoltaic products testing and certification services to third-party agencies, Beijing Kam Heng Certification Center is currently the largest and most powerful photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power plant technical service supplier, in the field of Photovoltaic Testing and certification accumulated rich experience, and the establishment of a professional team with high level. Their results not only to fill the number of our country in photovoltaic product testing standards, norms of blank, also in a number of certification area reached world leading level, in standardize the market order, and to promote the product of survival of the fittest, played a huge role in the photovoltaic enterprises of our country industry upgrade and internationalization. The director of the center for Qin Haiyan suggested that relevant departments can shorten photovoltaic product related standards established cycle of; of testing and certification bodies strengthen supervision, guarantee the consistency, on irresponsible certification institutions to increase the punishment. In addition, domestic developers in the bidding equipment, to give priority to the adoption of the certification authority certificate, do not blindly worshiping foreign, financial institutions in giving loans and financial support, also want to adoption of the certification body of data. He believes that only China's testing and certification authority has increased, the authority of the Chinese standards improved, domestic manufacturing enterprises will be strong. So, I hope that the domestic developers to support China's own testing and certification bodies, to support China's standards, so that the Chinese testing and certification in order to board the international arena, the industry can really strong.

It is understood that the current Beijing Kam Heng Certification Center is being developed components for power generation 25 years to ensure certification, component accelerated aging test method, the whole process of quality certification and other certification services. Launch of these certified products will be more scientific and precise evaluation of PV modules of product performance and power plant asset value, provide an objective basis for enterprise R & D and production of high quality, high performance products, provide an important reference for assessment of financial and insurance institutions, credit risk, to promote the establishment of China's photovoltaic market fair competition mechanism is of great significance.