The solar thermal price policy or the introduction of subsidies during the year is higher than the photovoltaic
A number of people familiar with the matter told reporters on Thursday that the solar thermal power tariff policy plan is announced in the second half of the year, subsidized electricity prices will be higher than photovoltaic power prices, as long as the electricity price is introduced, the domestic solar thermal market can be scaled up.
The above-mentioned person disclosed that at the light and heat related meeting held by the Energy Bureau on February 18, it has been approved by the competent authorities. It means that the price of light on-grid electricity is higher than that of PV. The current recommended on-grid price is 1.38 yuan/kWh, which covers the cost.
Wang Zhifeng, chairman of the National Solar Thermal Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, told the Great Wisdom News Agency (micro-signal DZH_news) that the PSP policy is focused on demonstration projects. Solar thermal power generation can be used as a continuous stable power supply and peak-shaving power supply. The mechanism of photovoltaic power price is unreasonable.
The same as the solar energy industry, compared with the photovoltaic industry has been subject to various policy concerns, for a long time, China's solar thermal industry is a grassroots industry of "the country does not invest, society does not pay attention".
Han Qinghao, general manager of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Development Co., Ltd. said at the China International Forum on Photovoltaic Industry today that compared with photovoltaics, light and heat have not developed on a large scale, but the current photothermal technology is very mature. As long as the electricity price policy is introduced, it can drive the domestic solar thermal market. Scale development. Light and heat can store energy, which is the biggest advantage of light and heat, because energy storage must be used after the proportion of renewable energy exceeds 30%.
Han Qinghao said that the current light and heat has not been vigorously developed, and the high cost is one of the reasons, but the core reason is that there is no scale development, and after scale, the cost can be reduced like photovoltaics. It is estimated that by 2022, the average cost of solar thermal power generation can be reduced to 0.85 yuan / kWh.
Han Qinghao mentioned that the company has already stocked a solar thermal demonstration project, and once the electricity price is introduced in the second half of the year, it can start.
On February 18 this year, the National Energy Administration, together with the relevant officials of the Price Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, organized the developers and related units of major CSP projects to hold a symposium on the price policy for CSP demonstration projects. Liu Qi, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, stressed the importance of developing a solar thermal power demonstration project and pointed out that it should vigorously support the development of the solar thermal power industry.