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Deer Antler Shed

Deer Antler Shed

As our name suggests, we connect you to one of the largest selections of deer antlers for sale. Whether you're looking for whitetail, mule deer, moose, elk or caribou antlers, we have you covered. Just click on th on the top right corner of this page to start your search for the perfect deer antlers.

Your Search For Deer Antlers Is Over!

You can spend days or even weeks scouring the forests in search of antlers without stumbling across a single shed. Unless you look in the right place at the right time, those beautiful sheds will get scooped up by squirrels or other vermin. And trying to purchase authentic deer antlers in store can be equally as depressing. Most of the major hunting and sporting goods retailers only sell 'replica' deer antlers made from synthetic resin material.

We know just how hard (or impossible) it is to find real deer antlers, which is why we launched over five years ago. With just a couple clicks of the mouse, you can have authentic deer antlers delivered directly to your door. Simply click on the shop button, select your desired type of antlers or antler product, and browse through our current listings. There's no easier or more convenient way to get your hands on antlers!

White-Tail Deer Antlers

White-Tail Deer Antlers

Fast Facts About Deer Antlers

  • Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) are the only deer species in which the male and females grow antlers.
  • Deer antlers are one of the fastest growing formations in the animal kingdom, averaging around 1/4-1/2 inch per day!
  • Male deer (bucks) shed their antlers once a year.
  • Unlike horns, antlers regrow when they're shed, broken, or knocked off.
  • Bucks use their antlers to fight each other in hops of winning courtship of a female during the mating season (heat).
  • With each shedding and regrowth cycle, a buck's antlers become larger and larger.
  • During the early stages of growth, a soft, velvet layer of tissue covers the antlers to supply it with blood and nutrients.
  • Deer antler velvet is an ancient Chinese medicine that's been used for over 2,000 years to treat everything from inflammation to fatigue.
  • White-tailed bucks typically grow their first set of antlers around the 1 year of age.
  • It's believed that nearly half of all wild deer will develop an antler abnormality at some point in their life.
  • Bucks remove the velvet tissue covering their antlers by rubbing them on trees and brush.
  • White-tailed bucks typically shed their antlers around late winter to early spring and regrow them by the end of summer.
  • Moose (Alces alces) -- also known as the Eurasian Elk -- grow the largest antlers of any deer species.

Antlers and More

After browsing around our site for a while, you'll notice we offer much more than standard antler sheds. While most of our loyal shoppers visit us to purchase whitetail and mule deer antler sheds, we also offer a variety of hand-crafted furnishings, such as chandeliers, lamps, toilet paper holders, clocks, wine rack and centerpieces.

These furnishings offer the perfect touch of rustic decor to cabins, game rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. There's no denying the fact that deer antlers possess a unique, natural beauty that's not found in other materials. Their brilliant aesthetics combined with an exceptional level of durability and strength make them the perfect material to use in the construction of fine hand-crafted furniture. Of course, you don't have to be an avid outdoorsman to appreciate the beauty of antler furniture.

We also offer do-it-yourself antler mounting kits. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive taxidermy services and hoping it comes out correct, hunters can mount their own antlers for a fraction of the price. A mounting kit contains everything you need to transform a standard set of deer antlers into a beautiful plaque to display in your home.

White-Tailed Buck

White-Tailed Buck

Learn About Shed Hunting, Whitetails and More...

Want to take a shot at the fun and rewarding sport of shed hunting? It's certainly not an easy sport, and there's no guarantee that you'll find any sheds on your first hunt, but with the right knowledge combined with persistence and dedication you'll eventually come across some sheds.

The allure of being able to find massive trophy-sized antler sheds attracts thousands of people to shed hunting. On bad days, you'll go home empty handed. On good days, you may find half a dozen or more, making the long hours spent scanning the forest floors worth all the hard work.

Our site is run by a group of seasoned shed hunters, so it's safe to say we know a thing or two about the sport. In an effort to help our visitors have success on their shed-hunting excursions, we've compiled a section of helpful articles and resources. Some people assume that shed hunting is based strictly on luck, but this isn't the case. While luck does play a small role, there are dozens of other factors which affect the outcome.

You can learn more about shed hunting, deer antler scoring, whitetails and more by browsing our site.

Common Deer Antler Uses

You might be wondering why there's such a high demand for deer antlers. Well, their unique characteristics and attractive physical qualities make them perfect for a wide variety of home furnishings, arts, tools, and more. Using only some basic craft supplies and a little creativity, you can turn an ordinary set of antlers into a beautiful decorative accessory for your home.

Hunters also use them to create their own deer caller. By connecting two antler sheds together with some rope, string or wire, you have a simple yet highly effective deer caller. Rattling the two antler sheds together mimics the sound of bucks sparring with one another, which draws the attention of other nearby deer.

Regardless of why you're looking for deer antlers, you're sure to find the best selection here at!